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My forever man? That man needed to be able to unpack some baggage. I did not just mean what I had carried around with me while I worked abroad for the past five years, or even the rest of my life that was packed up and waiting in a storage facility for my return to the states. No, my baggage may have been luxury brand, but it was also the stuff of nightmares. My forever man had to make me trust him, make me share my secrets and my past—and none of things were packed light.


Any man who could have been my forever man needed a relationship not only with me, but with my family and the town of Bear Valley, as well. He needed to fit in with the dynamic that existed between my three brothers and me; he had to love Bear Valley, Colorado, as much as I did. Not only that, but he had to fit me, enough that I could share who I really was. The chances that my forever man existed, much less would stumble into Bear Valley were about as good as me skiing competitively again, which meant exactly zero.

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A real man is one who has seen active duty, who can take the high pressure and high demands of working for the FBI. So, why does it feel that I’m missing something? Why can’t I keep shoving my desires down, when that has always worked before? And why does Bear Valley, Colorado seem to hold all the answers to what could be real in my life? I’ll do anything to protect the place and people who have become important to me, no matter the cost. Maybe a real man can be honest about what he wants, and who he wants. Maybe a real life could be so much better than the lonely one I am living.


The ingredients that can be blended to make flavors of beer. The permanence of brick and steel. That stuff is real. Solid. Dependable. Precise. And I know to be a real man—the kind of man like my brothers are, and not like the one my father was—I need to be those things, too. But I’m not. Not the real me, anyway. No, the real me is the one who needs adrenaline to push out the thoughts and feelings I can’t handle and does whatever it takes to get it. And there is no better adrenaline rush than the one I get from Bishop Frost. He’s the most real man I have ever met; there is no way he could want the real me.

Wanted Multi 2.png


Ending up in Bear Valley is the only bright spot in a life that is not going according to plan. The life I want is one where I take over the family business, just like I have planned and dreamed since I was a kid. Even if my family no longer wants me, Bear Valley does. I am wanted here and I have purpose again, even with my secret side-hustle. And there is Matt Mann, who makes me want . . . so many things. But, his intense flirtation can’t go anywhere because while my family no longer wants me, they want something from me, and they won’t stop until they get it.


The only thing I have ever really wanted is the restaurant now sitting at the top peak of the Bear Valley resort. Despite its success there is something still missing. I’m not used to being a guy who wants things, and the thing I want most is Theo Donahue. I want him in my bed and in my life . . .and maybe even in my kitchen.

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